July 08, 2007

Weekend Trips in Northern California

I ran across a fantastic site yesterday called 71 Miles. It is centered around the idea of short (weekend), local trips (drive in your car). It is kind of ad-heavy, but otherwise free, has a relatively clean interface and includes some very useful information. If you live near me, you're in luck because right now they only have Northern California destinations listed, but claim to be adding additional regions soon.

May 29, 2007


I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt person, at least when I have nothing going on that day. I've always just bought plain old boring t-shirts with nothing on them. One day I decided to order a couple shirts from I only have two, but I've received nothing but compliments on them. The one girl at Starbucks even asked me if all my t-shirts were from threadless. I go in there almost every day (98% of the time wearing a shirt with nothing on it), so I must be particularly unmemorable if she only remembered me from the couple times I wore smart-assy shirts.

What I like about the site is that they have this wonderful community type thing setup around their store. It is like a t-shirt club rather than just a sales outlet. They have a new set of tees each week, and most are somewhat limited edition, so you end up with something that nobody else can buy after a while.

Part of this community thing is that you can submit a picture of yourself wearing a shirt, they post it, and give you some money off on your next purchase! I have no problem putting a few more pictures of myself up on the Interwebnet, so I went for it. Here is me wearing my official Friday BBQ shirt:

If you decide to buy a shirt (they have a big sale going on this week!) feel free to use the link above, as I get a small kickback in the form of t-shirt coupons when you do.

May 25, 2007


I was quite bummed when I saw this news. The reason I was so fond of Facebook was because it had what all the rest of the social networking sites lack: simplicity, elegance, usability and a design that pleases the eye. Let us hope that this "Facebook Platform" stays in check, as it would be a shame for Facebook to degrade into another cesspit of the Internet.

April 25, 2007

A fresh look?

I get a lot of junk mail, both the electronic sort, and the dead tree variety. Most of the time I just click delete or recycle it, sort of annoying, but today, one made me laugh. Here is bit of an ad for a "fresh new look" from the Men's Warehouse (note: please seek new advertising services).

And here is a frame from season 8, episode 21 (Field of Greens) of Good Eats:

I was thinking that maybe they gave Alton's mean green deep green a makeover, then chopped his head off and had it for lunch?

January 19, 2006


I was playing around with movable type, and it sort of wrote over the old site. That is one way to commit to a change! For now, you can use this link to access the photo gallery, and this link to view a few of the old entries.