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May 25, 2008

Pretty Flower, Hidden Spider

If you look real close (big version), there is a spider hidden somewhere in this photo.

San Francisco, CA

May 14, 2008

Seattle Center Monorail

I bet the window wasn't so scratched up in 1962 when the monorail began service (wikipedia).

Seattle, WA

May 13, 2008

Big Bolts

Seattle, WA

May 01, 2008

Bad Henna

On picnic day, my friends saw a bunch of sorority girls selling henna tattoos (Mehndi). We must have waited around in line (in the sun) an hour, and maybe 20 minutes more for them to get tattooed. I don't know what they were using for their dye, but it was most definitely homemade. I could have artfully smeared some mud on their arms in about 5 minutes. Same net result. At least they had fun!

Davis, CA