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Mister Rogers

There are a few shows from my childhood that stuck with me into adulthood. Chief among them is Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Not only did Fred Rogers host nearly 1000 episodes of the show, he composed all the music for them, did all the puppet work, and championed congressional funding for PBS programming. One of the most inspiring youtube videos I've seen is Mr. Rogers testifying at a congressional subcommittee, explaining to all the staunch politicians how important it is that he get his message out to children. (video below)

Mister Rogers rocks, need I say more? If Mister Rogers were still around today, March 20th, 2008 would be his 80th birthday. The nonprofit company started by Rogers back in the early 70s is asking that people take this day to remember Rogers. All you need to do is bust out your favorite sweater. I already have my knit zip up sweater picked out, and I'm looking forward to wearing it on March 20th! (video below)

And yea, I'll be sending my self portrait to them.