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January 29, 2008


A break in the rain on Saturday let me outside to snap a few photos.

Arboretum at UC Davis, Davis, CA

January 23, 2008

More Spicy

Big version.

Global Village, Dubai, UAE

January 22, 2008


With so many things being built it was surprising to see one being torn down. The full version is more impressive.

Deira, Dubai, UAE

January 21, 2008

Construction Thing

Not sure what this is. It was in a different location each day, but I can't say I ever saw it moving. I'm guessing it pounded big things into the ground?

Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE

January 19, 2008


It looks like the sun is gigantic here, but it is just a perfect little sphere of over-saturation. I enjoy the synchronicity of the sun setting behind the dune, while the SUV is sliding down the other side.

Dubai, UAE

January 18, 2008


Yes, I am sitting on a camel - preparing for the shortest camel ride ever. The trainer took us around in a circle and sat the camels back down. It lasted no more than 5 seconds total. After getting off the camel he looks at me and says, "tip, tip, tip". Uhg.

Dubai, UAE

January 16, 2008

Building on the waterfront

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

January 14, 2008


Courtyard, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

January 11, 2008


Deira Spice Souq, Dubai, UAE

January 10, 2008

Sorting Bling

The subject here is sorting diamonds by color, cut and clarity, and doing so very quickly. I took a look through the eyepiece and I couldn't tell one from the other.

January 09, 2008


It is difficult to snap a photo in Dubai without getting a construction crane in your shot. While roaming around lost one day, I had the inclination to climb a wall and snap a picture of just what these guys were working on. You really need to zoom in and look at the full version to see any details.

Post processing this shot was a bit of a challenge. The biggest problem I've run into with the 10mm is getting the correct exposure for the entire shot. The sun is behind the cloud in the middle, and the construction pit is in the shade. Without Photomatix, this was either completely black in the pit, or crazy blown out at the top. I think I came up with a nice balance using pseudo-HDR. I've also blurred some HDR artifacts, selective color and adjusted the brightness / contrast in selected areas. It was a tad overexposed to start with, so the shadows are a bit grainy. If I wasn't peaking over the top of a wall, I would have broke out the tripod and taken a real HDR shot.

January 08, 2008


Aboard one of the abras (water taxies) in Dubai. In a city where you could spend $28,000 for one night in a hotel, I am still amazed it was only 1 dirham ($0.27 US) to cross the creek in one of these.

January 07, 2008

Sunset Dune Bashing

in the middle of the desert, Dubai, UAE