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Strawberries in a Beaker

I am feeling a little photographically uninspired this week. I got half a flat of strawberries at the farmers' market on Wednesday and they taste amazing. I put a bunch in my beaker and stuck it in the light tent.

I learned today that strawberries and coriander (cilantro) share a lot of the same flavor components so they go really well together.

Since I usually google my goofy titles before I use them, I also learned that it is pretty easy to get the DNA out of strawberries without any fancy lab equipment (although they do suggest using a beaker - who the heck would have a beaker in their house??). I am going to eat all my strawberries' DNA, thankyouverymuch.

My favorite application for strawberries is marinating them for a couple hours in a bottle of red wine, honey, lemon zest, and a dash of ground black pepper (yes really - pepper - just try it!). My friends, this is the path to strawberry shortcake nirvana.