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I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt person, at least when I have nothing going on that day. I've always just bought plain old boring t-shirts with nothing on them. One day I decided to order a couple shirts from threadless.com. I only have two, but I've received nothing but compliments on them. The one girl at Starbucks even asked me if all my t-shirts were from threadless. I go in there almost every day (98% of the time wearing a shirt with nothing on it), so I must be particularly unmemorable if she only remembered me from the couple times I wore smart-assy shirts.

What I like about the site is that they have this wonderful community type thing setup around their store. It is like a t-shirt club rather than just a sales outlet. They have a new set of tees each week, and most are somewhat limited edition, so you end up with something that nobody else can buy after a while.

Part of this community thing is that you can submit a picture of yourself wearing a shirt, they post it, and give you some money off on your next purchase! I have no problem putting a few more pictures of myself up on the Interwebnet, so I went for it. Here is me wearing my official Friday BBQ shirt:

If you decide to buy a shirt (they have a big sale going on this week!) feel free to use the link above, as I get a small kickback in the form of t-shirt coupons when you do.