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March 30, 2007


I'm a bad blogger. Recently one or two or five of my friends have politely poked fun at my lack of updates, and also asked me about my running a marathon -- which is only fair since they've all been hit up for donations. My experience teaching tells me that if one or two people are left wondering, there are probably orders more who just don't bother to say anything.

As I posted previously, I managed to injure my ankle. A stress fracture, which was no doubt made worse after several misdiagnosis and continued abuse, still bothers me to this day. Walking, cycling, hiking cause me no distress, but the several occasions over the past year that I've attempted to run with any regularity (4-5 times a week) have resulted in bothersome pain in the same spot on my right ankle.

I am not sure if it healed wrong, never healed all the way, or is just in some perpetual woe. What I do know is that it only hurts after I run for more than two days in a row.

When I explain this to someone, inevitably the next thing out of their mouth, and probably what you are thinking right now is, "well why don't you go back to the doctor!" My reply to that is, what for? They will just suggest that I don't run if it hurts. Which is exactly what I am doing now, only it hasn't cost me $300 in doctor visits and tests. Also, supposing I actually get a student health center doctor who finds something amiss, what then? I have already had plenty of rest, and unless I am mistaken, there is no magic stress fracture healing pill, so I'd guess the next step is to do some sort of bone surgery. Sorry, I am not that committed to my cause.

Your donations went to a good place. I was really quite into the whole running thing, and was pretty disappointed and depressed over not being able to continue with it. I didn't quit because I'm lazy, or didn't enjoy running, or whatever other reasons you might throw out. I stopped running because it seems to be causing problems with my skeletal system! I would be glad to field any questions or suggestions you might offer.