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Back in California

What a week! On Friday I drove to Mountain View to help my friends move. I wasn't much help for moving with my ankle, and what little I did probably did me more harm than good. In retrospect, moving, or just standing around watching other people move stuff is a dumb idea when you're injured. My ankle feels much better today, probably because I've hardly walked anywhere.

I didn't get much sleep at my friends' place, as their cats had issues acclimating to their new surroundings, and Sunday night I took a redeye to Minneapolis for my grandmother's funeral. I was kind of a wreck having gone two days without sleep. I didn't get much sleep last night either due to the combination of another redeye and the silly cats breaking stuff and jumping on me while I was sleeping.

I'm back in Davis now, and after many hours of trouble, I finally got the new computer I ordered for work up and running today. It feels good to get done what I say I am going to get done. If you are computer savvy, check your md5sums before you burn CD images; saves a lot of trouble!