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I went running this morning, at least 10 miles, and I'm walking around with a limp now. I think what I thought was some minor lower leg pain is actually a sprained ankle. My ankle is killing me right now. I'm going to take it easy for a couple of weeks, maybe walk at the team trainings and ride my bike the rest of the time. Not sure yet until I talk to my coach. I'm very much bummed out.

After my workout this morning I went into work to host some prospective graduate students. It is fun to meet new people, talk about geeky chemistry stuff. I got a free lunch out of the deal too.


Hang in there, Dan! I, too, thought I should train to keep up with the "real" runners but have committed to being the best "B" runner I can be! We're all going to cross the finish line.

Shelley, TNT Teammate in Woodland.