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Bicicle (bicycle+icicle) ride

I spoke with my coach yesterday and told him I was having knee pains, and asked about replacing one of my workouts each week with a bike ride. Being a cyclist himself, he thought that it was a great idea! Tonight I replaced my running workout with a bike ride. I rode out to Winters with the Davis Bike Club. It is about 30 miles round trip and it was very, very cold. My thermometer says it is 41.4°F outside right now. Being the cheapskate I am, I don't own a pair of leg warmers, so I was doing it all with shorts. I've finally warmed up, and I'm feeling much better now. On the plus side, I didn't have to ice my knees when I got home. They were already iced!

I had a consultation with the oral surgeon earlier today to discuss the removal of my wisdom teeth.

It was not really a pleasant experience. They didn't have my x-rays from my other dentist, so I had to ride my bike down to the other dental office (maybe 2 miles away) and get the x-rays so they didn't have to radiate my head again. After two hours talking to various support staff that weren't able to answer any of my questions, I finally got to see the doctor. I had already missed the seminar I wanted to go to at that point. He started talking to me about how I would use up all my ATP if I got freaked out during surgery, which was very cool of him. He answered all of my questions honestly (except anything relating to money). After the doctor left some lady came in to teach me how to swallow and close my mouth. She used a vocabulary and tone suitable for a toddler, which was rather annoying.

After that I got shuffled off to the dental loan shark. She told me how much it was going to cost and then proceeded to sell me on this CareCredit rubbish. She made it sound all wonderful, telling me there were "no fees or interest" [for the first three months]. I made a little sarcastic joke and said "so they get you to sign up and then charge you 20% interest after the first three months??" Here I figured she would get defensive and tell me about their reasonable interest rate. Instead she said (with a straight face) "yea, but I think it is actually 29%". What a scam! Any credit card I've ever had doesn't have anything near 29% interest rate, and most of the offers they mail me boast way more than three months sans interest. A quick googling confirmed my suspicions. It really is a scam!

I really want to get my teeth out, since they hurt more than not, but I left that place not a happy Dan.